The Devil Wants Me Fat: Get Your Mind Right and Your Body Tight Workbook

This is an eight week, self-guided companion workbook to The Devil Wants Me Fat: Lessons to Inspire, Empower and Overcome designed to help individuals identify and address the issues that surround their emotional eating. The curriculum is ideal for small group studies or in an individual setting with an accountability partner. Each week’s lesson focuses on an issue that surrounds emotional eating and gives Biblical guidance to help participants self-reflect and evaluate their emotional attachment to food.


The Devil Wants Me Fat: Lessons to Inspire, Empower and Overcome

Have you ever been called fat? Do you feel guilty and ashamed when you overeat? Have you ever felt challenged about whether or not you are considered a glutton? These questions and others are confronted through the personal stories of the author, Stephanie Singleton. She shares an autobiographical account of her personal struggles and victories with weight loss and takes readers on her personal journey to have a definitive answer to whether or not it is a sin to be fat. Through utilizing biblical inspired lessons, she has been able to go from a size 20 to a size 8. Singleton shares the lessons that she has learned throughout her years of her weight fluctuations and provides a transparent approach to understanding the answer to the question posed.


Empowering Youth with Purpose: Prayers, reflections and activities for those who teach, guide or minister to youth

This is a book to help those in the incredible calling to work with youth. It includes scripture, prayers, reflections/activities and suggestions on how to use the book. Your actions and words can inspire greatness, show compassion, teach kindness, and reveal God.


A Journal for Your Weight Loss Journal 

Making the choice to follow the disciplined path that promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle is not an easy decision for many to make. Once that decision is made, many people still have a difficult time staying focused and determining why their efforts are not successful. This self-reflective journal is creatively designed using Bible scriptures, weight loss stories, pictures, poems, words of encouragement, quotes and writing prompts to help people to stay focused on their fitness goals, while they begin to recognize the barriers that may affect them while involved in their personal weight loss battle.


Pause on Fitness Package– This is everything that you need to get started on a healthy lifestyle


Leader’s Guide

This book contains everything a leader and accountability partner needs to facilitate the eight sessions geared towards using a Biblical approach to deal with emotional eating.


Customer Review

Excellent Book

5 5 1
I brought one book and I was surprised to see. Excellent book. I really love it.

Powerful & Inspirational

5 5 1
WOW! I just finished reading my copy of The Devil wants me fat? This little book is powerful, very inspirational. I found this book very helpful because it's power packed with the Word Of God. God's inspired Words always works to help us with whatever we struggle with. This Book was an easy read, it's also a must read. I highly recommend this book to those that need the contained materials to help with the struggle.The book was written with love, strength, and the power that God granted Stephanie and her family. I read it all within ahours time as I was doing other things. LOL KEEP ON WRITING, WE'RE READING.

Life Changing Book

5 5 1
With so many books on the market geared toward weight loss and management, how do you know if a particular book is the right selection? After reading, "The Devil Wants me Fat", my perspective on weight loss has completely shifted. Stephanie Singleton unveils her struggle with obesity as a child and as an adult. In a very transparent way, she shares the many unsuccessful strategies used to lose weight. She finally realized that losing and sustaining a healthy weight required a God centered approach. An approach that would take her back to past hurts, pain, feelings of abandonment etc. She had to allow God to heal her from emotional turmoil in order for her to successfully pursue, not just weight loss, but a full physical and mental transformation. This book is sure to challenge you to think deeply about your pattern of overeating. It is an easy read and is balanced nicely. It will definitely keep you engaged throughout. Enjoy!

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