Pause66 All Natural Deodorant

Anytime we turn on the television, surf the internet or browse social media, we cannot escape claims about toxic chemicals in many of the foods that we eat or even in the antiperspirant deodorants many of us have been using for years. Since the studies are still ongoing about the possible links between breast cancer, tumors and other health risks with antiperspirant use, I had to decide whether or not I was willing to continue to expose my family to the ingredients.

So, after trying several all-natural deodorants that did not work for us, I decided to make my own. After my success, I shared this product with family and friends, who then told their friends; as a result, Pause66 All Natural Deodorant was birthed. The deodorant provides the security that you are not exposing your body to any unnecessary toxins, as well as the confidence to know that you are odor free. So, join the movement away from aluminum based antiperspirant deodorants and convert to an all-natural brand that works.

Note: Our products are all natural, however sensitivity to ingredients may vary. Please read the list of ingredients for any known allergies or sensitivities that you may have. If you should experience any irritation, discontinue use.

For best use:

  •  Store at room temperature or cooler
  • Apply after you have throughly washed your armpits
  • Pat underarms completely dry before applying
Ingredients: Serenity – Coconut oil, Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Beeswax, Lavender Oil, Tuberose Oil 

Jubilee – Coconut oil, Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Oil

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Deodorant Scents

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2 for $15.00 plus tax

Join the movement away from aluminum-based antiperspirants!

Switch to Pause66 All-Natural Deodorant


Deodorant Scents

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All Natural Facial Mask

Pause66 All-Natural Facial Mask is a great de-toxifying treatment for your skin. Apply mask once or twice a week to a clean face. Leave the mask on for 10-12 minutes for dry/sensitive skin & 15-20 minutes for oil/acne skin.


White Kaolin Clay

Highly absorbent to lift excess oil & deep-set impurities. Detoxifies the skin while exfoliating dead skin cells delivering healing minerals. Reduces the appearance of pore size.

Aloe Vera Juice

It contains healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a moisturizer, treats acne and is an antioxidant.

Raw Honey

A natural antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturizer

Tea Tree Oil

Treats acne, bacterial infections and helps to prevent dry skin

Lavender Oil

It helps promote blood circulation, reduce acne and has antiseptic and antifungal properties.

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Spray on Deodorant

Blissful Spray on Natural Deodorant! Safe to use everywhere you want to feel fresh

If you have sensitivity to baking soda, try our new liquid deodorant!

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Magnesium Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Vanilla Essential Oil

**You may experience a temporary slight stinging when use in recently shaved areas.

$5.00 plus tax

 **If you chose a money app option to pay for this item, you may still be billed for a shipping and handling fee.


**If you chose a money app option to pay for this item, you may still be billed for a shipping/ handling fee plus tax

Customer Review

Still fresh after Zumba

If you're looking for an all-natural deodorant that you can trust to work, look no further. Stephanie Childers-Singleton of Pause66 has created an amazing product that I feel very confident using. Not only is it made with all natural's powerful too! It even survived a zumba class at Ayo, and that's quite the task!! It also smells really good.
- Luisa Matalucci

I love it!!

So, I have bee using this deodorant for a week now. And I must say I'm impressed. I love natural products owever some of the over the counter natural deodorants do not make the cut. You are left smelly, funky after a few hours of activity. Last week was a very hectic week for me; my stress level was over 100 and I was out running to one event to another every night. While I'm overheated sitting through an outdoor graduation I sniffed myself and I didn't stink. Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus because I was hugging alot of people and there is nothing worse then hugging someone with funky underarms. I put the deodorant on the night before and I still smelled fresh!! I am very happy and would definitely recommend it.
- Kim White

Smells Fresh

The Aromire's use this product. Way to go Stephanie Childers-Singleton! It works well for Lolade too. It keeps her smelling fresh even after 4 hrs of gymnastics practice. I recommend this product not only because she is my sister in Christ's because the product works and it's another way to support black owned business and promote healthy living
- Natishia Aromire

Love the scent!

I was so happy to finally try a natural deodorant that had a pleasant scent. I'm sure there are some out there but I have not had the chance to come across many. Then to feel it working was naturally the biggest bonus! Triple benefit to have it locally made! Too much to pass up. I also did notice right away that I have sweat less after using it for about two weeks. So on a day I am home bound( AKA bumming it) I feel fresher with out having any deodorant applied. Happy customer.
- Melissa Perry


I have been using pause66 all natural deodorant for about 2 months. I workout 3 to 4 times a week and need a powerful deodorant to keep up with my activities! And I sure found it! After a tough and sweaty workout I am confident because I know my pause66 deodorant is doing its job! I love the scent, the price, and the all natural ingredients! Awesome, Stephanie!
- Marie Whitton


I just purchased this deodorant yesterday and love it. I have tried all natural deodorants on the market with no good results. Today I wore it while out in the yard and it worked so good plus it has such a pleasant smell. I am so glad God brought me and my daughter to Sycamore Farms and I got to meet you and hear the story behind the deodorant. Keep up the good work.
- Dawn Knapp


I did a cross fit workout with this deo on! I was struggling to keep up with the workout but the deodorant was not struggling to keep up with me! It worked just like my regular deo, but without all the toxins and parabens. Smelling fresh after an intense workout is a win in my book!
- Bethany McBride


I was looking for an aluminum free deoderant, but none kept me dry all day except for this one. Excellent product!!
- Roanna Vargas


This all natural deodorant is amazing! I use it on my 9 year old daughter and it works! Thank you Stephanie for making this all natural deodorant. We love it! Rachel
- Rachel

Where have you been all my life?

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! My skin loves this product. This product significantly reduced my breakouts. In addition, I have worn make up a lot less after use of this product. Thank you so much!
- Willow Bellevue

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