Get Fit and Fab using your Faith!
Enjoy the Good Life in Christ!
Our MissionThroughout Stephanie’s life, she has had a constant battle with maintaining a healthy weight and achieving physical fitness. Traveling this path has inspired her to help others who have the same bridge to cross. Her passion to be a light to the body of Christ is reflected in her writings. If you want to start your journey of  healing from emotional eating, these books will provide you with the motivation, the guidance and the encouragement that you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Consider starting a Pause on Fitness Group at your church or with a small group of your friends. It is structured using the eight week curriculum in Mommy, Is It A Sin To Be Fat? Get Your Mind Right And Your Body Tight Workbook. The group will provide support while helping participants to identify the causes of  their emotional eating, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


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If you are interested in having Stephanie speak at your event, please email her at:



Pause on Fitness Motto


           Pause and Pray


          Ask yourself: Are you physically or emotionally hungry?


                  If you are craving food because of an emotional need,


          Use the word of God to battle the temptation




          Satisfy your spiritual hunger


          Enjoy your success!


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