Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,  But whoever hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 12:1.

I was talking to the Lord and I was meditating on the areas that I want God to change in my life. Like you, I have several prayer requests that I have placed at the feet of Jesus, but what was pressed upon my heart was my attitude. God was challenging me on whether I had a “teachable spirit.”

As a special education teacher for 19 years, this concept is very familiar to me. I talk to my students all the time about making sure that they have the right attitude when they are trying to learn something difficult. If they tell themselves that they “can’t” do something, their brain is not as responsive and they put themselves at a disadvantage. My advice to them is to change their perspective. Instead of saying, “ I can’t,” tell yourself that this is a difficult concept to understand, but if I continue to work hard and practice, I will be successful.

This same principle applies to us on our faith journey. It is about allowing God to strip away things. Just like it is necessary to strip away the non-essentials in your eating when you are on a diet, it is also important to allow the Holy Spirit to strip away the non-essential things in your spiritual life. You have to submit to whatever process the Lord is taking you through.

So my sister’s, if God is challenging you in an area that is difficult, make sure that your attitude is right. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by allowing the enemy to plant seeds of doubt. Tell the devil that you are an overcomer and that you will succeed with God on your side!

Prayer Starter: God change our attitudes! Keep our minds focused on you and give us the mind of Christ. Help us to keep a perspective of yieldedness and an attitude of submission to your authority. You are great and nothing is impossible for you. Amen